Thursday, December 11, 2008

2 women fired for bathing at KFC

What kind of ridiculousness is this?

2 women were fired at Anderson Kentucky Fried Chicken in California yesterday for bathing in the kitchen KFC sink.

She was fired for violating regulations.

SMH. There parents should beat them. This is a nasty disgrace. Yuck.

To read more, and for pictures of the two girls, click here.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lala and Carmelo Anthony's Family

This is cute.

This picture is taken from Essence Magazine online and I just think it's amazing.

I know a lot of people don't like Lala Vasquez for whatever reason. But you cannot knock this beautiful picture of her and husband Carmelo Anthony, with son Kiyan. They really are a cute couple and a gorgeous family.

And these are just a couple of the many wonderful positive images of black family that we need to be looking at.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Aids Pill being taken as a Drug

According to BBC News today, in South Africa there has been a rampant outbreak of AIDS infected children, using the pills prescribed to help them... to get high.


Children who have AIDS are supposed to be using these pills to build their immune system and help keep the virus at bay. But instead they are grinding them up until they are powder, and smoking them with marijuana or mixing them with pain killers.

Here is an excerpt from the BBC News website:

"One who spoke to me very frankly was only 15 and the oldest person I spoke to was 21, but it's mainly youngsters, teenagers."

Smoking the pills has a hallucinogenic and relaxing affect.

"When I asked them why they like doing it, they said it helps them relax and forget about their problems," said Ms Nhlapo.
"When you look at them, just a few seconds after taking it, they are in another world," she added.

SMH. My heart broke reading this story.

808s... A Heartbreak

So as my daily routine at work, I always try to listen to a new (or old) cd every day.

Today's pick? Kanye West's 808s and Heartbreak.

I'm not feelin it. When I first heard that it had a lot of slow songs on it, I figured I would like it. After all, Lil Wayne's album had a lot of nostalgic love type songs on it as well. I usually dig that stuff.

So Kanye's album, adequately with the name Heartbreak in it...I figured would just be a some more of the Kanye's inner child workings, maybe some real stuff about his feelings for his ex's.

But I didn't expect a techno type love fest. I wonder what type of crowd he was catering too this time around? I know there has been a merging of rock and rap recently, but I also didn't expect Kanye to really to all around cater to that type of crowd.

I honestly think "Heartless" and "See you in my Nightmares", his song with Lil Wayne are the best songs on the cd.

It just doesn't work for me.

What do you think?

William Balfour: Menace to Society

Lock his ass up and throw away the key.

William Balfour was arrested for Jennifer Hudson's family killings.

Sources claim that he was jealous of Julia Hudson, Jennifer's sister, after she was believed to be dating other men. Balfour made constant threats to her family, which resulted in the killing of Hudson's mother and nephew.

This type of shit is so disgraceful and flat out evil. No words.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Barack and Michelle do Essence: Collector's Issue

I am really happy about this. Really.

You can expect to see a weekly, if not daily post about the Obamas. I, like many others, am obsessed with this family.

Barack and Michelle have done Essence Magazine before. But not like this. They look positively Presidential. And look at the wisdom in Obama's eyes. It's like he's larger than life. On top of the world.

As if the couple didn't exude strength and power already, after this cover you are really forced to take notice.

Radiant. Ravishing. Real. This is us.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Brotha of the week: Idris Elba

This man has such a presence.
If you don't recognize chocolate brotha to my right. This is Stringer from "the Wire", and Monty from "Daddy's Little Girls", his movie with Gabrielle Union.

He is definitely a catch.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Alan Colmes to leave FOX Show: Hannity and Colmes

Ugh. I was never really a fan of Alan Colmes, who co-hosted with Sean Hannity on their nightly show on Fox. But I was glad to have SOMEONE there opposing Hannity's racist and anti semitic views, even if it was a little.

Colmes says he's leaving for his own reasons, including "developing growth for the network".

Ha. Good luck.

Working with Hannity for 12 years, you could see why they lasted together for so long. Anyone else who had any type of sense or backbone would have probably tried to swing on Hannity a long time ago.

But what I worry less about Colmes and more about Hannity. As a regular viewer there's only so much I can take of Hannity's bigotry, arrogance and simple mindedness.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Movie Watch: BOLT

Everyone needs to see this movie. Everyone. This is one of the funniest Disney movies I've seen since Finding Nemo.

If you missed the trailer for it, see it here.

The talking hamster is HILARIOUS and the movie, the adventures of a "superdog", itself is just pure comedy.

Side note: I tend to be a bit of a cornball when I watch these types of movies so maybe I'm overreacting. =)

But, if I were a movie critic for DISNEY movies, and I've seen quite a few... I'd give it a 10. Watch it and Rate it!

The Principle of Pleasure

So I'm late to this...but I just saw TV One's Black in Style and saw Janet Jackson has her own lingerie line, aptly called: Pleasure Principle!!! After her hit song. Nice.

I'm pretty excited about this. Probably because I've been obsessed with Janet since I saw her on the Velvet Rope tour back in the day. But the lingerie is also being priced at under 40 dollars and the sizes range from A to G.

The line is simple right now, just 18 pieces. And she and her designer, Bruno Schiavi, are planning to hit various stores in the US this month, according to USA Today, before pumping it global in 2009.

I think this could be big. Just like Victoria Secret or Fredericks of Hollywood, can't you see yourself just wanting to wear something called Pleasure Principle?

Diverse Initiative: Desiree Rogers

Obama is the MAN. He has just appointed Desiree Rogers as Whitehouse Social Secretary. The first African American to have this position. Look at the beautiful sistas who are gonna be gracing the White House.

She has an MBA from Harvard and brought in a lot of money for Obama through fundraising efforts. She's also worked in various civic and corporate circles, so she comes with her own set of connects. Read here for more info on her. Picture from Huffington Post.

Look at how fast Obama has transformed and transitioned into the White House. He hasn't even been innagurated yet, and he is bringing everybody up with him.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Marketing the Brand

A lot of eyes have been on Michelle's clothes over the past couple months and especially as of recent when she was asked about her shopping habits by David Letterman, to which she responded that she kept it simple and was wearing J.Crew.

Needless to say, the next day J.Crew received a 464 percent increase in traffic onto their website. And what does that say?

Michelle IS the new brand. She might as well come out with her OWN clothing line. I bet it would sell like hotcakes. She's the new brand of woman for 2009 and the rest of our lives. She's a polished, educated, refined, beautiful, intelligent, REAL woman, who handles her responsibilities and keeps herself, her man, and her family together.

Women take note. My momma is MY inspiration, but if you're lacking a role model and aren't hustlin' in your own right, then you're wasting time. No more excuses. This is the brand we ALL need to wear.

Monday, November 17, 2008


I've have always admired this chick. Matter fact I follow her blog regularly on But this is not about's about her HAIR.

Simply put, it is Fantabulous!! I thoroughly love experimenting with my hair and think it is such a great way to change up your look, style, and give you that little confidence boost you need. Do something different, because you know what, there is no reason you should look the same way you looked in high school! And ladies, if you have not colored your hair before, I think you should give it a try...seriously!

Now I know it's hard when you've never done it before...I've been there. But if you're scared, make sure you go to a professional stylist who has prior experience in COLOR and you see samples of his/her work. Also, make sure whoever you go to focuses on HAIR CARE, that is extremely important..because your hair WILL break off if not properly taken care of. Might I suggest, Petit-Petion Salon in Hempstead, NY. They're the best =) But don't just have any and everyone touching your hair!!! That's a big fashion and hair no no!

Try curly weaves, straight weaves, bangs, updos, color, braids, or go natural like Tanika Ray!

Brotha of the Week: Tank

So, I'm at work, listening to my playlist, when Tank's, "My Freak" starts crooning through my headphones, and it got me thinking...
I just don't even know why this man is so fine.

Everyone seems so enthralled by these little thugs runnin all over the airwaves, like Plies and Lil Wayne...I think we need to shine light on the brothas who are just "fly effortlessly".
So I thought I should throw it back. Remember Tank? The sexy musician, producer, and songwriter with the hits, "Maybe I Deserve" and "One Man"?

Yea, people have definitely been sleepin on this brotha.

He's had a few more hits since then, like "Please Don't Go" off his most recent CD: Sex, Love, and Pain...which has some pretty sexy ballads.

But, we haven't heard much from him these days. Not since he suffered some minor lacerations from being arrested and tasered by the cops earlier this year. And of course, when he joined Tyrese and Genuine to form the group TGT (similar to Gerald Levert, Keith Sweat, and Johnny Gill.... who made up LSG), and did the Please Don't Go Remix. Which didn't go far. Sad face.

But nevertheless, every week I will be having a Brotha of the Week, (and if I'm so inspired there will be two), in which I will examine the sexiness that is... the brotha...ENJOY!

No emergency fund, no savings, NO unemployment. What happens next?

Damn, the economy is really shot to hell.

With all problems that the US is facing now because of this economy crisis, and because millions of jobs are being cut at lightening speeds, it was only a matter of time before unemployment funds would begin to run out as well.

Last month, unemployment offices in Michigan, a state which already had a high level of unemployment, has begun to borrow money. According to a report by the CNN, other states (such as California, New York, Indiana, etc.) face insolvency by year 2009, which is right around the corner. Not good.

Think about it. What would you do if you got laid off from your job? But you couldn't receive unemployment? Like most, I'm having an extremely tough time saving anything from my paycheck, so what happens next?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Bill O'Reilly on The Daily Show

I always did like the Daily Show w/Jon Stewart. And I always did hate Bill O'Reilly.

Is it just me or does O'Reilly really just seem like a wife beater? I really try to give him the benefit of the doubt but he's just an aggressive white man who throws temper tantrums when he's wrong, and when I look at his eyes, there's just something....not quite right...almost, well, evil.

He was a little bit more subdued on the Daily Show last night while promoting his new book. But he still tries to bully Jon Stewart in a subtle, condescending, take over your show as if it were mine, kind of way. As he's done with David Letterman and the ladies on the View.

With an ego like that it's no wonder FOX just offered him millions more to be the host of the O'Reilly Factor for four more years. Unfortunatly though, this is what the other side of the country is hearing. And it's really sad too because most of these rednecks, only know black and white; war and peace; good and bad. They don't question anything or see any gray area. And that's the type of people who O'Reilly and others (Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, etc.) prey on and go after.

Catch The Daily Show.

Wait. Work for 50 or Diddy? I'm gonna have to go for Door #1.

I see I'm late to 50 cent's new show, The Money and The Power, on MTV. Thank God too, because this shit is out of hand.

First off, I see this as a ploy for 50 to get back into the mix. I mean, have you really heard about 50 recently other than his babymomma drama? And his attempt to bring back Eminem? Yea he's been on a few remixes, but Lil Wayne, T.I., and Kanye have really been keepin him at bay these days.

And secondly, ole' boy is tryin to be Diddy. He probably would say he isn't, but last time I checked, his show and Diddy's, "The Assistant" were quite similar.

But you know what? If I was forced to choose between these two headcases for employment, I might have to go with 50. Don't know nothing about either of them...never met him, nor Diddy. But I CANNOT STAND Diddy's arrogance. And yes, what Diddy feels is confidence is way too over the top for me. He's feelin himself WAAAY too much these days, and he needs to do like Obama said. Sit down and cut it out.

50 comes off as the more...dare I say...humbler of the two? Hmm. Maybe he's just the person who I'd be able to deal with on a regular basis. If you had to choose, who would it be?

A Different Me: Keyshia Cole

Do it.

Oh Yes. I love this album cover, way to show the world you've really grown up. Shout out to Brown Sista for havin many of you know I have been a Keyshia Cole follower since she first dropped, "I Changed My Mind" w/ Kanye.
Ever since then I've thought she was gonna be a powerhouse, which is not something that I say about newcomers onto the music scene.

But I fuck with this album cover and I fuck with the new and improved Keyshia Cole. I have both of her albums and I've watched her transformation from hoodrat to ghettofabulous star and I'm not knockin her.

If this album is like the past two, it should carry some nice tracks. I'll give it a listen and see how it sounds...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State

According to the Washington Post, there have been murmurings of Hillary Clinton in the running for the Secretary of State spot. Great idea. Although people might not think that the Clinton's name should be anywhere near the White House, I happen to think that this is a wise and strategic decision on Obama's part.

As bitter rival to Obama for the Democratic nomination, she showed her ass, acting a little more than desperate close to the end of the race. So I didn't want her all up under the Big Dog as a VP, but I definitely thought she would be an asset to team. I mean, the woman has come pretty far, I'm sure she could offer up some already good ideas for dealing with foreign policy and diplomacy, and we all know if she got that call at 3 in the morning, she'd be down for the cause.

It's Obama's decision of course, but if that's the course he's taking... I'm all for it. Team Obama is looking bright.

....Sasha Fierce wants to be Wonder Woman? Sasha...Nooo

I've been seeing a few articles that are speculating that Beyonce wants to play Wonder Woman. My reaction? Hell no.

I mean let's just look at the girl's acting skills on a regular basis. Sure, she has the power to transform into "Sasha Fierce" on stage, but let's not sit and pretend she can pull off Wonder Woman, when she could barely hold her own as Foxy Cleopatra in Austin Powers: Goldmember, and Deena in the Dream Girls.

Linda Carter, the original superheroine, was phenomenal in the tv show. And if Hollywood is trying to break the idea that Wonder Woman doesn't have to be white...well, let's just say, I'm sure there are better people who can play the chick. I mean really? Beyonce? How about Catherine Zeta Jones, Angelina Jolie, Zoe Saldana even?

But see, this brings me to a bigger issue I have with singers and rappers. I'm going to need for all of them to realize that just because they can blow, does not mean that they can act. Nah boo. Nah. See I understand that acting is where the money is because as a singer/rapper, after you divide your money up to who you owe, you pretty much come home with next to nothing.... Especially if you're not really moving units.

But the majority of them...Mariah Carey, Brandy, DMX, Bow Wow.... just fell short. I'll give it to Ice Cube though, he did it.

Maybe she'll break the mold and really go all out when she plays Etta James in Cadillac Records. But Beyonce as Wonder Woman??

What do you think?

Life and Times of an Entry Level Blogger

Writing is pretty sexy.

I'm really starting to get adjusted to this newfound writing schedule. I've been writing since 2nd grade. But I just have never really thought to share it. I used to think that people who blogged were kind of selfish, and almost a little self indulgent. Just a way of shining light on themselves, similar to AIM, twitter, Facebook, Myspace, etc...all of which you can tell everyone what you're doing at any given time (which I'm completely guilty of! lol)

But I realized that by reading more and more blogs of different variety, I started to like or dislike the writers. It becomes personal.That in itself intrigues me.

People follow you, they follow your perspective as if they know you, and soon it becomes a common name in household or roundtable discussions.

But I know now that blogging is a GREAT form of self reflection. A good time to sit back and reflect on the array of ideas that arouse our intellect. It's truly a sign of the times.

However, I'm still in an entry-level position.

So let me officially welcome you to the Common Sensus, my collection of individualisms. My time to be me.

- Lady D

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Forget the Essence Conference. Its all about the Sistagirl Conference: a moment of self reflection

"Don't pretend to be, what you don't intend to be"

That theme echoed this weekend in DC when Essence magazine held a conference for young women. Some in school, and some recent graduates. A few workshops, some motivational speaking, and a some great financial and life tips for the future. Afterwards, me and some friends of mine got together and had a conference of our own.

Otherwise known as the get together, live, laugh, love, sip, eat, cry, and scream about our lives conference.I saw my sisters from other misters who I havent seen in a long time and something always strikes me about these women when I'm around them.

They are SO AMAZING.

I must admit my sistagurl energy isn't always as high when I'm in NY. I'm not alone, but there's just something missing. I learn new things, butI can't trade passing fancies or cute cliches. I don't always have people to cry too or people who can understand where I'm coming from. And what I miss most? The conversation. The real, gritty, funny, true stories that only a sistagurl conference can provide. I always come away feeling like I can take on the world, like all I need in this world of sin are me and my girlfriends!!! Ha.

I advise anyone who doesn't have a sistagurl relationship to get one quick fast. Its absolutely necessary to keep real people in your circle, ones who will lift u up, tell you when ur shit stinks, and jump in swinging when some shit goes down.

Meeting adjourned.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


STILL recuperating.........................................BARACK OBAMA.........our first Black president in the history of the United States...........we've done it.

I really can not believe this. I mean when I saw it on CNN last night, I thought I was being punked. At 11:00pm on the dot....Barack Obama, the son of an AFRICAN man, was elected President of the United States. Barack Obama, a man who's background is mixed in so many different cultures, rode this path to the white house and hit victory. Barack Obama, a 47 year old black man, married to a gorgeous, educated, eloquent, black woman with no remorse and all the love in the world for her. This is the man who America (and numerous outher parts of the world) chose to represent us.

Change has come.

I listened to that song. Along with Nas, Black President, and Young Jeezy's, My President is Black, but when I heard Otis Redding crooning out Change Gon Come! I broke down. I BROKE... DOWN... It hit me. How many people have died for this moment, how many black people were hung in trees, how many men, women, and children were sold into slavery, beaten, tormented, raped, and lost all their hope for this. very. moment.

I watched Roland Martin, CNN analyst, try to hold his face together while analyzing the polls, and Oprah in the crowds of hte Chicago stadium looking on as if she has seen a new beginning...but when I saw a quivering Jesse Jackson wading in what seemed like a river of his tears, i knew it meant something. Not that I chose Jesse Jackson as the sole model of black people. Certainly he is not. But there was something in his face, something that said we finally had made real progress, and that we had done it as a nation who was willing to put the hatred of racism and the injustice of greed and pride behind us.

White people said we couldn't do it. There are still pockets of hte country who are probably kicking themselves in disbelief. Just watch those bastards on FOX news; watch those rednecks in states like Kentucky, and West Virginia who said they didn't believe.

As I write this I am holding back tears. Tears of a generational divide, not yet closed, but slowly progressing. And tears of a true humbling force of nature named Barack Obama who has stepped up and conquered elitism, prejudice, and the system.

I can tell my kids they can be anything. I can look myself in the mirror and say I can be anything.

I am so proud. I am so proud. I AM SO PROUD.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Sarah Palin is bitch made.

This is my first post to this site. Matter of fact, this is my first post anywhere in the blogosphere, as I always left it up to other people to leave their interpretations, ideas, and opinions out there for millions to read. But I had to start writing after I saw Barack Obama give his speech at the DNC, and then subsequently Sarah Palin give her acceptance speech at the RNC the other night... Now, some thoughts on what's been going on these past few weeks:

Who the hell does Sarah Palin thing she is???

It was bad enough that McCain almost lost all of his sanity by making the decision of choosing Sarah Palin, a 44 year old woman, who was supposed to offset Barack Obama's appeal to younger voters and women who were for Hillary Clinton. He so clearly would have done much better off with a more qualified candidate... But of course he chose the last person from people'e minds, matter of fact he chose the person who no one knew existed. Sarah Palin.

Now at first I thought, who the hell is Sarah Palin? Alaska? You shuffle through the names and that's what you end up with?

I'm not even going to get into the background on her, go be an informed citizen and read up on that on your own time on NYTimes, Huffington Post, Politico, etc. etc...but I will say this.

Number one. Republicans got this shit all fucked up. I'm not knocking who she is, because she IS making history, (but then again Hillary and many, many, other woman before her did that as well..) and I don't knock anyone's hustle, let alone their vision for the country (albeit there is no vision at all, but we'll get to that later...) She is a woman, and it's about time women start stepping up their A game.

But, she is no Hillary Clinton and she is NO Barack Obama. She's a person who is trying to exemplify a VP...without knowing what a VP does...(read up on Adam Brinkley), a person who is trying to bullshit the American population..AGAIN..., a person who is regurgitating McCainisms and saying what she thinks people want to hear... Serious News flash.... It's 2008.

Was it just me? Or when you watched the speech did you hear the harsh, blatant, disrespectful tone to Barack Obama?? Using phrases such as, "a small time mayor is sort of like a community organzier except you have actual responsibilities" and " this is a man who has can give a whole speech about the war in Iraq and not even use the word victory even when talking about his own campaign".

Really Sarah? You're fuckin kidding me right? Ok, let me break it down to you sweetie, since you think this bad ass act you portray is going to shy real men and women away from the issues, and away from the reality.

Reality Check number one. Let's define a community organizer. A community organizer gets children off the streets and into the classroom. A community organizer puts the poor, marginalized, and unfortunate people first, and does all he or she can to help see that they get the care and support they need, which could be through job training, child care services, help with housing, food on the table, a proper education.. etc. HOW DARE Sarah Palin, stand on stage on her high horse....or moose... and belittle someone like that. I don't care who she is, I don't care where she came from or what the hell she thinks this election is about. But she needs to sit down, collect her fuckin thoughts, and get her shit together. She' s lucky Michelle Obama has way too much class to fly into St. Paul just to fuck her ass up.

But nevertheless, what does that say about this woman who wants to assist in running our country?? What does that say about John McCain as a president that he lets her get up there and completely demean the very foundations that aim to support those who cannot support themselves. News flash honey, you're turning away the very supporters who's vote you hope to get.

She's bitch made. Because of course while she was up on the stage ranting about her love for this country, trying to sound patriotic and strong by putting down other's work...she revealed the type of person she is...the type who doesn't give a fuck about the average American person. The type who does not give a fuck about you, me, or the future generation.

Reality Check number two. Victory in Iraq??? Barack doesn't mention victory unless it has to do with his own speech? Are you fuckin kidding me? What is there to be victorious about? We went off the course of attack back in 2002, and we've waged A HELL OF A LOT of wars in the past century with countries just on the strength American interests. This war in particular we've put millions of lives in jeopardy, millions have died, and millions will continue to die if we don't put an end to this war and save who we can.

She points out, as does John McCain on numerous occasions, as did Bush on numerous occasions...that terrorist states are actively seeking nuclear seeking weapons. I wonder why tha tis Sarah?? Is it because we as a super power have alienized and attacked countries because of our hunger for warfare and our bullying attitude that cause us to inflict our "democracy" and our "truths" on other nations? Or maybe because other nations know that in oru quest for world domination, we let some people do what they like..and others hmm...not so much of the time.

You know, the last time I read a book, I learned that Israel, who we are so fondly backing with more money than we have given to ANY OTHER COUNTRY, has nuclear weapons. They're backed by the Israel lobby who gives millions of dollars and gifts to anyone who supports them and the US Presidency.. so ultimately we support Israel and we go against anyone who opposes them. So I'm pretty damn sure that nuclear weapons are not the reason for going into Iran..and we definitely know it wasn't the reason for Iraq. Read up on it: (it's a long read, but it's worth it.)

I'm gonna need for Sarah to sit down, clean her glasses, and read a damn history book, she might realize why Barack is a hell of lot more careful, as all officials up that white house need to be, when deciding how to run this government.

Yes, indeed, Sarah Palin is certainly the female version of McCain, and I don't like it. Now, i'm 22 years old and honestly over the past year or so I have been sucking all of this information about the election like a sponge, and it's caused me to read up on my history, and really become an informed the final thing I must say is this.

Why is Sarah Palin barring the press from asking the real questions? I'm not getting into any of her policies or what she's done and hasn't done...once up on it yourself..But do you know what her camp said?

She doesn't want to be judged by the media, and made to look unqualified.

Sarah...maybe it's because you have NO experience dealing with real people other than your family and of course....the 800,000 in Alaska...compared to the billions of people in the U.S. Or maybe it's because her idea of questioning wouldn't completely suit her style, which is to speak with thinking. It just might blow the fuckin hat off the whole game plan, when people finally realize who she is. Or hey, maybe she's scared that she'll get the same treatment as Barack Obama who was made a fool of by his relationship to Wright, disrespected by FOX all up and down this damn place, and basically was told 'hey you, stop being an intelligent negro, sit down and stay in your place.'

She's bitch made. Plain and simple. And she needs to get her shit together asap.

Personally, i don't care about her baby with down syndrome. I'm sorry but I don't give a damn. I could care less about Bristol and who she's marrying and if she's having a baby or not. This is not a soap opera Sarah, this is real life, a real election, and I'm a real person who wants to know what you intend to do with this country, and how you are going to lead us out of the mess that Bush administration has created the past eight years.

Don't be condescending. Don't lie to me. I care about the future...

So, let's be real here, and let's try to be a woman about this shit. We can't bully people around anymore. We need clear concise plans, and not rhetoric that are used as blinders to the American population to cover up for all it's damages and faults. It's time to be a grown up. After all, it is 2008.