Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Alan Colmes to leave FOX Show: Hannity and Colmes

Ugh. I was never really a fan of Alan Colmes, who co-hosted with Sean Hannity on their nightly show on Fox. But I was glad to have SOMEONE there opposing Hannity's racist and anti semitic views, even if it was a little.

Colmes says he's leaving for his own reasons, including "developing growth for the network".

Ha. Good luck.

Working with Hannity for 12 years, you could see why they lasted together for so long. Anyone else who had any type of sense or backbone would have probably tried to swing on Hannity a long time ago.

But what I worry less about Colmes and more about Hannity. As a regular viewer there's only so much I can take of Hannity's bigotry, arrogance and simple mindedness.

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