Friday, November 14, 2008

A Different Me: Keyshia Cole

Do it.

Oh Yes. I love this album cover, way to show the world you've really grown up. Shout out to Brown Sista for havin many of you know I have been a Keyshia Cole follower since she first dropped, "I Changed My Mind" w/ Kanye.
Ever since then I've thought she was gonna be a powerhouse, which is not something that I say about newcomers onto the music scene.

But I fuck with this album cover and I fuck with the new and improved Keyshia Cole. I have both of her albums and I've watched her transformation from hoodrat to ghettofabulous star and I'm not knockin her.

If this album is like the past two, it should carry some nice tracks. I'll give it a listen and see how it sounds...


BigBrotherToine said...
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BigBrotherToine said...

Agreed...She gets stronger, prettier, and a bit more respectable every year/album.

A little to thin for me, but def a good look.