Monday, November 17, 2008


I've have always admired this chick. Matter fact I follow her blog regularly on But this is not about's about her HAIR.

Simply put, it is Fantabulous!! I thoroughly love experimenting with my hair and think it is such a great way to change up your look, style, and give you that little confidence boost you need. Do something different, because you know what, there is no reason you should look the same way you looked in high school! And ladies, if you have not colored your hair before, I think you should give it a try...seriously!

Now I know it's hard when you've never done it before...I've been there. But if you're scared, make sure you go to a professional stylist who has prior experience in COLOR and you see samples of his/her work. Also, make sure whoever you go to focuses on HAIR CARE, that is extremely important..because your hair WILL break off if not properly taken care of. Might I suggest, Petit-Petion Salon in Hempstead, NY. They're the best =) But don't just have any and everyone touching your hair!!! That's a big fashion and hair no no!

Try curly weaves, straight weaves, bangs, updos, color, braids, or go natural like Tanika Ray!

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