Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Forget the Essence Conference. Its all about the Sistagirl Conference: a moment of self reflection

"Don't pretend to be, what you don't intend to be"

That theme echoed this weekend in DC when Essence magazine held a conference for young women. Some in school, and some recent graduates. A few workshops, some motivational speaking, and a some great financial and life tips for the future. Afterwards, me and some friends of mine got together and had a conference of our own.

Otherwise known as the get together, live, laugh, love, sip, eat, cry, and scream about our lives conference.I saw my sisters from other misters who I havent seen in a long time and something always strikes me about these women when I'm around them.

They are SO AMAZING.

I must admit my sistagurl energy isn't always as high when I'm in NY. I'm not alone, but there's just something missing. I learn new things, butI can't trade passing fancies or cute cliches. I don't always have people to cry too or people who can understand where I'm coming from. And what I miss most? The conversation. The real, gritty, funny, true stories that only a sistagurl conference can provide. I always come away feeling like I can take on the world, like all I need in this world of sin are me and my girlfriends!!! Ha.

I advise anyone who doesn't have a sistagurl relationship to get one quick fast. Its absolutely necessary to keep real people in your circle, ones who will lift u up, tell you when ur shit stinks, and jump in swinging when some shit goes down.

Meeting adjourned.

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