Monday, November 24, 2008

The Principle of Pleasure

So I'm late to this...but I just saw TV One's Black in Style and saw Janet Jackson has her own lingerie line, aptly called: Pleasure Principle!!! After her hit song. Nice.

I'm pretty excited about this. Probably because I've been obsessed with Janet since I saw her on the Velvet Rope tour back in the day. But the lingerie is also being priced at under 40 dollars and the sizes range from A to G.

The line is simple right now, just 18 pieces. And she and her designer, Bruno Schiavi, are planning to hit various stores in the US this month, according to USA Today, before pumping it global in 2009.

I think this could be big. Just like Victoria Secret or Fredericks of Hollywood, can't you see yourself just wanting to wear something called Pleasure Principle?

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