Monday, March 30, 2009

Solange - T.O.N.Y

Buy It or Burn It: The Dream ~ Love Vs. Money

So my first edition of Buy or Burn It is dedicated to the Dream's new album: Love Vs. thoughts? Burn it.

Out of the ... tracks on the album, I only liked about 4:

#2 - Rockin that Thang (which is actually Rockin that Shit...why does he have to cuss?)
#8. - Love vs. Money or it might be
#9. - Love vs. Money Part II (don't remember which)
#10 - Fancy
#14 - Let me see ya booty (which umm...I really don't like that much, but I'm sure if I heard it in the club I'd be shaking my ass too it so *shrug*)

I thought this album was purely commercial and very repititive. Literally most of the beats are the same throughout the ENTIRE album. He needs to switch it up. Sure they're catchy and very club-type songs but I don't want an entire album full of that.
His first album was one I could listen too all the way through and it had a good mix of fast and slow songs. This one...not so much.
Did anyone else listen to it?

Friday, March 27, 2009

Lady's Laughables: B Scott's Workout Plan

I am incoporating this into my daily routines!!! lmao

Hater Happenings: Tammy Bruce

Tammy Bruce is guest host for Laura Ingram's radio show. She also has her own radio show in LA. She decided to call out Michelle Obama "trash" in the white house.

Here's her quote:

"...You know what we've got? We've got trash in the White House. Trash is a thing that is colorblind, it can cross all eco-socionomic...categories. You can work on Wall Street, or you can work at the Wal-Mart. Trash, are people who use other people to get things, who patronize others, who consider you bitter and clingy..."

Listen to the clip:

Did Tammy miss the point of what Michelle Obama was saying to the kids? Of course she did. So after listening to this I was just going to write her off as a racist, but since I had never really heard of her I looked at her website:

This was one of things in her biography: She was drawn into feminist activism in the late 1980's to contribute to the ongoing effort to ensure safe and legal abortion for all women, and with a special focus on violence against women and ending international subjugation of women.

Keyword: Subjugation...soo, what's her definition. Because trash talking and belittling a woman is definitely a form of mental conquering, enslaving, etc. SMH. Its ridiculous that everybody's beliefs go out the window when it's time to get on TV or the radio to make a little money.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Beyonce VS. Ciara --- Swagga Like Me

On Bossip, I noticed a story about how Ciara could possibly be "swagger - jackin" Beyonce. Her new video w/ Justin shows some veeery similar moves to Beyonce's in the past. See the pic below taken from the Bossip website.

Ok, now what if she was? You can't deny Ciara has moves and can dance. Some may argue that she's better than Beyonce. Who do you think is hotter? Is it even worth mentioning that Ciara might be pullin off some Beyonce stunts or are dance moves pretty non original now anyway? Who would you choose?


Monday, March 23, 2009

Kanye is COMPLEX

Kanye West New Complex magazine cover....I like it...I always like out the box stuff. Well not always, but I can understand the pics from a creative standpoint...=) Thoughts?

Ciara & Justin Timberlake - Love, Sex, & Magic

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Book Read: Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

Great book! This chronicles the life of John Perkins, a man working behind the scenes to discover the truth behind the job that he has. Based on a true is a must read.I will definitely be purchasing more of his books in the near future....and I sincerely hope they turn this into a movie.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Chrisette Michelle: "Epiphany"

Love this song! and her hair!! whoooo!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bernie Madoff Goes Straight to Jail

According to the NY Times...

Bernard Madoff was led in handcuffs off to jail after pleading guilty to 11 accounts of fraud, money laundering, perjury, and theft today in which he is liable to be sentenced to 150 years of prison. Madoff was responsible for stealing BILLIONS of consumers money, from "hedge funds, nonprofit groups, and celebrities". His bail was revoked as the judge didn't want him to have the opporutnity of lounging in his penthouse on house arrest (which would be SO BAD right? haha) or possibly flying out of the country. He went straight to jail.

This is what he had to say:

“As the years went by, I realized this day, and my arrest, would inevitably come. I cannot adequately express how sorry I am for what I have done,” he said. “I am deeply sorry and ashamed.”

Madoff is 70 years old, locking him up for 150 years maximum! Wow, do the crime gotta pay the time... swindling billions of dollars is crazy and utterly one of the worst fraud schemes in history.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Movie Watch: Watchmen

GREAT movie! I saw this over the weekend and thought it was just top 5. There's a good mix of intellect, inspiration, and...violence! Definitely not for the kiddies in the least.'s a movie that chronicles that lives of these "watchmen" and the struggles that they face within themselves and with the world. There's a lot more too it, but I've always hated when people give away too much of the just go see it. =)

Did anyone already see it? If so, what did you think?

Friday, March 6, 2009

Wanna Be On Top? ANTM casting for models UNDER 5'7

America's next top model is back on tv...and of course it's the same catfights, struts, and poses as before. So as I started to do my hair, I sat down to watch it as I probably will do every Wednesday night (if there's nothing else on tv).

But this time something caught my eye... not the big hair and even bigger "personalities", but the commercial for NEXT season. Cycle 13. Where Ms. Tyra is looking for models under the height of 5'7.

About damn time! There are plenty of short girls out there who can strut! Remember Eva the Diva? She was 5'7 on the nose, and she could work! Most shorter models are found on the editorial pages, not the runway. Sad, but that's for another post...This is great opporunity for all the pretty and petite sistas to get in where they fit in.

Casting calls are soon! week soon. So check out the link if you're interested:

and see when they are coming to your town...the next Top Model Shorty just may be YOU.

O Magazine: First Shared Cover

Oprah's April issue is the first issue ever of O! magazine that she features somebody else on the cover.. First Lady Michelle Obama! On the shelves March 17th. Great choice of course...but long overdue. I love Oprah just as much as the next person, but it's time for her to actually feature some other strong, successful, black women on the cover of her mag. Thoughts?

Nia Long on Sisterhood and Beauty

I love this sister, she seems as if she hasn't changed (or aged) at all...very down to earth chick. See the video above.