Monday, March 30, 2009

Buy It or Burn It: The Dream ~ Love Vs. Money

So my first edition of Buy or Burn It is dedicated to the Dream's new album: Love Vs. thoughts? Burn it.

Out of the ... tracks on the album, I only liked about 4:

#2 - Rockin that Thang (which is actually Rockin that Shit...why does he have to cuss?)
#8. - Love vs. Money or it might be
#9. - Love vs. Money Part II (don't remember which)
#10 - Fancy
#14 - Let me see ya booty (which umm...I really don't like that much, but I'm sure if I heard it in the club I'd be shaking my ass too it so *shrug*)

I thought this album was purely commercial and very repititive. Literally most of the beats are the same throughout the ENTIRE album. He needs to switch it up. Sure they're catchy and very club-type songs but I don't want an entire album full of that.
His first album was one I could listen too all the way through and it had a good mix of fast and slow songs. This one...not so much.
Did anyone else listen to it?

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