Friday, March 6, 2009

Wanna Be On Top? ANTM casting for models UNDER 5'7

America's next top model is back on tv...and of course it's the same catfights, struts, and poses as before. So as I started to do my hair, I sat down to watch it as I probably will do every Wednesday night (if there's nothing else on tv).

But this time something caught my eye... not the big hair and even bigger "personalities", but the commercial for NEXT season. Cycle 13. Where Ms. Tyra is looking for models under the height of 5'7.

About damn time! There are plenty of short girls out there who can strut! Remember Eva the Diva? She was 5'7 on the nose, and she could work! Most shorter models are found on the editorial pages, not the runway. Sad, but that's for another post...This is great opporunity for all the pretty and petite sistas to get in where they fit in.

Casting calls are soon! week soon. So check out the link if you're interested:

and see when they are coming to your town...the next Top Model Shorty just may be YOU.

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Margaret said...

I saw this on her show and I was SO excited! I want to try it out just to try out:)