Monday, November 17, 2008

Brotha of the Week: Tank

So, I'm at work, listening to my playlist, when Tank's, "My Freak" starts crooning through my headphones, and it got me thinking...
I just don't even know why this man is so fine.

Everyone seems so enthralled by these little thugs runnin all over the airwaves, like Plies and Lil Wayne...I think we need to shine light on the brothas who are just "fly effortlessly".
So I thought I should throw it back. Remember Tank? The sexy musician, producer, and songwriter with the hits, "Maybe I Deserve" and "One Man"?

Yea, people have definitely been sleepin on this brotha.

He's had a few more hits since then, like "Please Don't Go" off his most recent CD: Sex, Love, and Pain...which has some pretty sexy ballads.

But, we haven't heard much from him these days. Not since he suffered some minor lacerations from being arrested and tasered by the cops earlier this year. And of course, when he joined Tyrese and Genuine to form the group TGT (similar to Gerald Levert, Keith Sweat, and Johnny Gill.... who made up LSG), and did the Please Don't Go Remix. Which didn't go far. Sad face.

But nevertheless, every week I will be having a Brotha of the Week, (and if I'm so inspired there will be two), in which I will examine the sexiness that is... the brotha...ENJOY!

1 comment:

Mademoiselle M said...

u know what, i don't really like him. granted i'm always catchin myself singin the words to his singles, but he just always seem to be crying about something in his songs!

he IS fine tho..