Thursday, November 13, 2008

Life and Times of an Entry Level Blogger

Writing is pretty sexy.

I'm really starting to get adjusted to this newfound writing schedule. I've been writing since 2nd grade. But I just have never really thought to share it. I used to think that people who blogged were kind of selfish, and almost a little self indulgent. Just a way of shining light on themselves, similar to AIM, twitter, Facebook, Myspace, etc...all of which you can tell everyone what you're doing at any given time (which I'm completely guilty of! lol)

But I realized that by reading more and more blogs of different variety, I started to like or dislike the writers. It becomes personal.That in itself intrigues me.

People follow you, they follow your perspective as if they know you, and soon it becomes a common name in household or roundtable discussions.

But I know now that blogging is a GREAT form of self reflection. A good time to sit back and reflect on the array of ideas that arouse our intellect. It's truly a sign of the times.

However, I'm still in an entry-level position.

So let me officially welcome you to the Common Sensus, my collection of individualisms. My time to be me.

- Lady D


Denver said...

This blog is great and so real, keep up the good work Lady D!!! You have a subscriber to me!!!

Mademoiselle M said...

entry-level my ass girl. you do this like a PRO!