Wednesday, November 5, 2008


STILL recuperating.........................................BARACK OBAMA.........our first Black president in the history of the United States...........we've done it.

I really can not believe this. I mean when I saw it on CNN last night, I thought I was being punked. At 11:00pm on the dot....Barack Obama, the son of an AFRICAN man, was elected President of the United States. Barack Obama, a man who's background is mixed in so many different cultures, rode this path to the white house and hit victory. Barack Obama, a 47 year old black man, married to a gorgeous, educated, eloquent, black woman with no remorse and all the love in the world for her. This is the man who America (and numerous outher parts of the world) chose to represent us.

Change has come.

I listened to that song. Along with Nas, Black President, and Young Jeezy's, My President is Black, but when I heard Otis Redding crooning out Change Gon Come! I broke down. I BROKE... DOWN... It hit me. How many people have died for this moment, how many black people were hung in trees, how many men, women, and children were sold into slavery, beaten, tormented, raped, and lost all their hope for this. very. moment.

I watched Roland Martin, CNN analyst, try to hold his face together while analyzing the polls, and Oprah in the crowds of hte Chicago stadium looking on as if she has seen a new beginning...but when I saw a quivering Jesse Jackson wading in what seemed like a river of his tears, i knew it meant something. Not that I chose Jesse Jackson as the sole model of black people. Certainly he is not. But there was something in his face, something that said we finally had made real progress, and that we had done it as a nation who was willing to put the hatred of racism and the injustice of greed and pride behind us.

White people said we couldn't do it. There are still pockets of hte country who are probably kicking themselves in disbelief. Just watch those bastards on FOX news; watch those rednecks in states like Kentucky, and West Virginia who said they didn't believe.

As I write this I am holding back tears. Tears of a generational divide, not yet closed, but slowly progressing. And tears of a true humbling force of nature named Barack Obama who has stepped up and conquered elitism, prejudice, and the system.

I can tell my kids they can be anything. I can look myself in the mirror and say I can be anything.

I am so proud. I am so proud. I AM SO PROUD.

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