Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day - Why It Matters

My boyfriend and I have a bit of disagreement this time of year. Valentine's Day. He doesn't celebrate it, I do. I don't know how many of you all have this problem too, but if you do, solutions are welcomed, because as much as I try to sit back and forget Valentine's Day exists, the more it's in my face that it's coming.

Now I do believe Valentine's Day is a holiday designed to make Hallmark rich. But you know what? I really don't care. So are all the other holidays. There's a day for family, there's a day for Presidents, Veterans, mothers, fathers, etc...why not a day for love. I'm a romantic. I love love. It's probably one of the more girlier things about me. So just like other holidays, Valentine's Day is special too. It's more of a "reaffirm your love day", then a "I'm going to buy you something just because I'm supposed too" day. And honestly, I would much prefer to receive something as a surprise randomly, then on a day when I know to expect something.

I'm willing to compromise. After all, I see his point of view. But... compromise is something meant for two parties, right? Happy Valentine's Day all.