Friday, February 19, 2010

Nicki Minaj Gets Faded

Her weave has little girls running to the nearest beauty shops to cop pink extensions, her barbie doll candy image fools you into thinking she's sweet, until she opens her mouth and the gritty Queens native nearly attacks your senses. With a jolt of animation and lyrics to boot, if you're not left bobbing your head at the end of her verse, you're crazy.

I've been a fan of Ms. Harujuku Barbie since she signed to Young Money. Her song, "Itty, Bitty Piggy" had me hype. Finally, I thought, a female rapper who's talent might rival her looks. Lord knows, it's been awhile. Since then she's collaborated with rappers such as Ludacris, Trina and Gucci Mane, to music icons such as Mariah Carey.

She might as well have bad bitch stamped on her forehead, with seemingly no competition in sight, she's been riding the wave of fame for a little while now, clutching her Louie V and signing boobs. All in a day's work.
Nicki Minaj covers the new issue of Fader Magazine.