Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Motivational Moment: Jacque Reid

Uh. Can we say girl crush? I aspire to be like this woman! Jacque Reid is a hard-hitting journalist who's worked over 15 years reporting in different media outlets such as CNN's Headline News and BET's Nightly News. She is now starring on the new show, "Let's Talk About Pep"on VH1, where she shows the side of herself that doesnt generally get past cameras, hangs up her business suits, and storms the city in stilettos with her fellow girlfriends Pepa, Kittie, and Joumana. A woman after my own heart.

I met Ms. Reid a couple years back at the NABJ's Conference in Chicago and I loved her! Not only does she have the brains to completely take over the world, she was also very sweet, beautiful, and effortlessly stylish. The entire package! Plus, she gave me tips on getting ahead in my career. I remember thinking, this is me in 10 years!

Now if I could just have her level of expertise and Tanika Ray's big Hollywood hair! Life would be sweet.

Check her out on the latest enstallment of "Let's Talk About Pep:

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