Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Dont's of the Dos: Solange shaves her head

So this morning as I'm strolling through my usual sites, I see this picture up on Bossip of Solange Knowles with a shaved head. I don't like it. I'm hoping that when she does a video and really dresses up and fixes it properly my opinion will change, because this picture is not the best! I love the fact that she has an eclectic style and tries to embrace her natural beauty. And i'm sure she wanted a "change", or "remix", or "upgrade", but honestly some people just look better with hair on there head. Plain and simple.

Ever since Cassie shaved off half of her head it seems as if the world has gone into shaved crazy...the list now includes: Amber Rose, Cassie, Lala Vasquez, Rihanna, and Solange. Please let me know who I've left out. I can't say I'm really diggin it either. These stunts fall a little short in the originality category to me. And this is what tends to happen with trends in general. One will do a funky new look to stand out, then everyone attempts to outdo the funky and be FUNKY FRESH...but they end up looking like they're just in a funk. *whomp whomp*

It seems to me that this "look" really took off after Kelis's Bossy video hit tv, but I know many will say that when punk rock and rap began to merge, the hair really came out. Yet, even before her, there were plenty of these styles running rampant. *News flash*, not everyone can do it.

Not being a hater, just not in compliance.

Take a look at these celebs:

Lala Vasquez & Cassie..I admit, I think LaLa can pull it off better.


Amber Rose with her buzz...

and... Kelis



Dom Corleone said...

LaLa pulls it off.

Cassie looks a mess.

Rih Rih looks decent, but I like her better with long hair.

Amber is gorgeous and unique.

Kelis looks like a skunk. Pee-Yew!

Dom Corleone said...

Oh, and Solange looks horrible. She needs a shape-up ASAP.

Mademoiselle M said...

i love Amber Rose with a shaved head. She's the best of them all...

Anonymous said...

how is this even an issue?..Solange didn't cut her hair to "trend-set" idiot.
Don't spew shit you know nothing about. Now go finish glueing in your weave.