Thursday, July 30, 2009

Vivica Fox turns 45

Today is Vivica Fox's birthday. Ain't she bad! Of course! She's a LEO! Vivica A. Fox, a talented actress who has been in popular movies like Set It Off, Two Can Play that Game, to Juwanna Man, and Kill Bill. Most recently, you've seen her in front and behind hte scenes producing her TV Land show, Cougar, where she sets older women up on dates with younger men. She is also known for gracing magazines such as People's Magazine, King Magazine, and Maxim Magazine.

I've always liked her for her acting chops and I've seen quite a few interviews with her and she's always seem real and down to earth. Check out this funny video of when she was on Punk'd w/ Ashton Kutcher.

She turns 45 today.

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