Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wendy Williams Leaves Radio

Wendy Williams reported yesterday on her radio show on WBLS in New York that she would be retiring from radio to focus on her new tv talk show, The Wendy Williams show, which airs on Fox, and BET daily.

I'm going to miss her on the radio, I always tuned in for her classic "How You Doin" and to hear her funny anecdotes about celebs. It always seemed like she was more genuine about her feelings than I see on her talk show. But her talk show is funny albeit, a little cheesy at times, and there tends to be a bit of dead air at times, which she often had on her radio show too. I won't compare her to other talk show hosts, since I think she's way too new to the television market. But, she is definitely carving out her place.

Her stint with WBLS lasted seven years, and in that time she was syndicated in many states.

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