Friday, July 17, 2009

Why do we Judge her? Karrine Steffans

This is Karrine Stefans on the Today Show promoting her new book, The Vixen Manual: How to Find, Seduce, and Keep the Man You Want. Lol @ the two women's faces while interviewing her!

So Karrine, otherwise known as Superhead, was the one in everyone's mouths (no pun intended)when she came out with her first book, dishing on celebrities and their freaky ways. Everyone dismissed her as the slut, whore, bitch who was taking someone's man and made every other woman look bad. I thought that too.

My problem? I judged her (past tense), just like most people did and still do.

My opinion? People are upset because she turned her "slutty" ways into a six figure book deal writing about what she's learned from her mistakes while playin the field. That's it. Doesn't sound much different then any other relationship self help book on the market, except she had some crazy experiences with some high profile people. She was a young woman who didn't know much about men, love, or respect for one's self. She grew up, did some self-reflection, wrote about it and got paid.

I hear a lot of women saying, why would I take advice from someone like her? or What she's saying, I already know. So what? Number one, if you read excerpts from her first book, Confessions of a Video Vixen, read it online, or went out and bought it, you're just as bad. Because all that book did was to reintroduce back in the game by telling everyone who she slept with. That's my only problem with her, she doesn't know how to be discreet, but even that I think she's learned, as you can see in the video. . .Number two: Don't front! I'm sure there are some real funny storeis and "how to illustrations" in the book that you and your girls can laugh too. You don't have to buy the book to learn something, you CAN just simply read it for entertainment.

A lot of tv and radio stations talked about her first book. And the reality is , both Confessions and the Vixen Diaries made it to the New York Times bestseller list, so whether or not you like it, you're opinion still makes her famous. What's the saying? All publicity is good pubilcity?

Ultimately, judging her is part of a larger problem, the catiness and judgement women have towards each other. But i'll save that for another post. She's making more paper than me, and probably most of you in her real life version of sex and the city. So respect her hustle, don't judge a book by it's cover.

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