Monday, February 23, 2009

This is Not a Game.

This picture pisses me off. The shocking abuse renders me speechless. But on top of Rihanna's embarassment...on top of the he say, she say. What the hell is wrong with the LAPD for leaking this picture???

I'm sure TMZ was so damn proud for being the first to get the photo and stamp that big bold TMZ at the top right. They're probably just patting themselves on the back right now because they were the first to break the story. But this is not a picture of people walking in the park with their kids, or the the first interview after a movie premiere, this is a DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CASE.

Someone in the LAPD and on TMZ needs to be smacked up for even thinking it was ok to do this!! This is not a celebrity event, this is horrible, unbelievable, unspeakable form of violence that was done to a human being AND a victim. And the poor child had to see this picture on the broadcasts, online, on headlines...just everywhere as she celebrated her 21st bday. SMH.

There are rumors that TMZ paid the LAPD to get this picture. If that's the case then all of them need to be fired. It's that serious. The TMZ is a screwed up set anyways and I can't stand them (or ANY paparazzi) because they just think it's ok to infringe on people's privacy.

WE NEED A CHANGE in our journalism, our thinking, and our moral standards. Get it together. This type of thing is not and will never be ok.


Nicole ♥ HealthyKisses Inc. said...

I agree, that pic is a violation of her rights. I cried when I first saw it because I'm 100% against violence against Women and Children. GOD Bless her. I hope justice is served.

Anonymous said...

So....not to be rude: but why did you post the pic? 'Cause, in all honesty, you could have done this same post without the actual pic or Rihanna. If you really felt you needed a picture, you could have found one of an angry black woman--cause that's what you're saying (stress 'saying') you are right now.