Monday, February 9, 2009

Foxy Brown VS. 50

This beef between Rick Ross and 50 cent is getting out of pocket. 50 has Foxy Brown upset after he mentions that Rick Ross was involved with Foxy Brown. She tells 50 cent to retract his statement that she and Rick Ross were involved "or else".

Here's what he said on his diss track entitled, "Try Me", when he went at Rick Ross: " a cop fucked a fox".

Here's what a representative from Foxy's camp said, "Foxy is giving that nigga 24 hours to retract that statement or she’s going handle him Brooklyn Style.”

LMAO. I guess. But we all know Hip Hop is not the same when you got 50 cent coming out with Youtube videos like these....

Seriously though, 50 cent is pretty disrespectful. First he got Rick Ross's babymother involved in this so called "hip hop" beef and now he's making these corny videos? My respect level has gone WAAAAAAAAY down for him. What is Hip Hop coming too?


Unbreakable said...

lol that's funny, 50 is def going in hard at him, i don't think is he completely to be blame for having Rick Ross baby mother, i Blame the mother for being there,she did not think about her son? and how this will affect him?

Super Woman said...

idk i liked the video because 50 is a clown....a 50 year old clown ...LMAO