Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Brotha of the week: Boris Kodjoe

Whew! Been a minute since I've done one of these! But here you go....Boris Kodjoe.

I first got introduced to him on the Showtime series Soul Food, where he played Damon, the sexy mail-boy/entrepeneur/who cares... that I used to watch all the time. He's German, born in Vienna, Austria, and married his co-star Nicole Ari Parker who also played his girlfriend on the show. The couple has two children.

*takes long sigh*


Nicole ♥ HealthyKisses Inc. said...

Funny, I met Boris Kodjoe before in the wierd-est way! He walked up to me and asked me where the foot locker is...lol, I was like "Do you know who you are?" and he said, Do you know who You Are??...He was really down to earth as far as his celebrity was concerned. My bff and I ended up walking him down the street to the foot locker...Def an UNFORGETTABLE moment. Working in Downtown D.C you see everyone. He was a little cocky tho, Cute but Cocky...he even asked me if my hair was mine?? lol.

BVB said...

I LOVE Boris Kodjoe! I hope to find someone in the Air Force that looks just like him! Then I can marry him, lol! :)

the YOUNG LIONESS said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmm goood!!!

Anonymous said...

lol umm... i love lol