Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Queen Bee up in Arms

I saw Notorious this past weekend, and I loved it. So as I was checking out some of the reviews, I came across Lil' Kim's feeling's about the movie.

Apparently she was pissed because in the movie, Naturi Naughton portrayed her as BIG's side chick, rather than his girl. I sympathize with her. No one knew the extent of their relationship, and BIG is not here to speak on it.

I can see how her whole relationship wasn't portrayed properly. She did have an abortion for BIG, and her song, "Hold On" from her Notorious K.I.M. album, which was dedicated to "Frank White" aka B.I.G, speaks on it...

"Frank White, the man with the money and the fame
Passed away, now bitches wanna claim his name
I been with my nigga before he came in the game...

If I'm fucked up, imagine how Mrs. Wallace feels
Sometimes I sit and think how it would be if we was married
Of if I woulda kept the child that I carried.."

So, was she justified in her feelings? How would you feel if you were her?