Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hip Hop's Gay-Geek Swag

I have a new found appreciation for the line: "I don't wear skinny jeans cause my nuts don't fit."

Seriously what is up with this Geek Swag nowadays??? Is it just me or is hip hop slowly becoming demasculated. Everywhere I look, I see guys with these skinny jeans on, big glasses, and scarfs just because they see Kanye, Lil Wayne, and Pharell rockin this stuff in videos.

*Serious News Flash* The shit is not cute. I'm sorry, but this started back in the 80s when it was cool for guys to be considered "pretty" like Prince and Michael Jackson. But nowadays, I see groups of guys wearing all types of colors and prints, and struttin down the street with their Kanye see-through shades and checkered jackets like they're buttering my toast. SMH.

Check this video above from World Star Hip Hop, it's basically Kanye West saying that he gets is gear ideas from gay people. He says, "just because you know how to dress good, don't make you gay". Well he's right. First, because being gay is not bad and secondly because most are very stylish. But, as everybody knows, there are trendy gay people and there are flamboyant gay people. WELL....when you go overboard with the colors and hats and gloves etc etc. people are going to automatically associate you with being gay!

Maybe everyone just wants some place to fit in, and with this new explosion of "fashion" into hip hop, they feel like it's their time. Some may make the argument that when you're short and skinny or just skinny you can't really rock certain apparel. But, look at people like T.I. and Ludacris...both are short and skinny, but when I look at them I see men.

All I want is for Hip Hop to be a little rugged again. Matter fact all I want is for a man to be a man and more importantly look like one. Everyone has their own style. Everyone has their own swag. And there is nothing wrong with a man being concerned about his appearance, and flauntin his fierce. BUT when I'm in the club and I see a bunch of guys dancing in a group with other guys wearing saggin skinny jeans....YES...saggin skinny jeans...there's a problem.

I miss the LL Cool J's, Mos Defs, Busta Rhymes, and Jay-Zs (who is somewhat gettin on that Geek Swag too unfortunately) who couldn't wear skinny jeans because...yea, their nuts don't fit lol.


She's Gotta Have It said...

I couldn't agree with you more! I don't like it all. It's like every day it gets worse. Sagging skinny jeans (isn't that like an oxymoron?) don't scream Hip Hop to me. They don't necessarily have to wear jeans so baggy that they fall down, just fitted. There's a difference between fitted and skinny, and what I'm seeing nowadays is ridiculous. I love gay men, and yes they are among the most stylish. But straight men dressing like them can't get mad if their sexuality is questioned.

I used to be in love with the LL Cool J types, but where are they at today? Almost non existent. Fashion is a major component of Hip Hop, and white sunglasses and young looking red leather jackets don't exactly exude Hip Hop to me.

Thank you for this. I'm not feeling those geek eyeglasses either! What is that?

Action Jackson said...

Totally agree, brothers need to step it up. Keep it clean and rock out with the suits and such, those tight jeans just ain't for us.