Thursday, January 8, 2009


SO...for the New Year I've been seeing a lists of how to kick off the New Year on a good foot. I admire that. So... i'm gonna do the same.

The motto for this year? ...DIVA.

Simply put, work hard and play hard. Sistas & is 2009! I've been out of school for a year now *whew*! Praise God! =) But of course, just like all of my sistas I was thrown into a reality check with a world of bills and responsibilities. So I had to suck it up, get the party-all-the-time attitude out of my system and try to curb my addiction for spending money.

I firmly believe that everyone has two cycles. Your yearly cycle and your birthday cycle. Every cycle, you should be able to learn something about yourself and your relationships. Personally, I've realized that every birthday I learn more about my friendships and relationships with men and family, and every YEAR I learn more about ME.

So this year, I'm bout my business. Plain and simple. Money management... saving money, paying down debt... getting in shape, eating right (I'm bout to get my chef game up!), and spending quality time with MYSELF lol. Though, I will steal this from my Sistagurl Kita (Check her blog here).... Do Not take life so seriously! Goddamn! How many times do we forget that?

But one thing that I have learned that I want to pass along is this: Whatever you it for YOU and YOU ALONE. Not your momma, daddy, or man (or girl for my brothas). If it makes you happy, or is beneficial in the long run, then do it.

So excuse me while I bow out from the bullshit this year. What you said?? Yea I'm a Diiiivvvava...HEY!

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Mademoiselle M said...

lol I can so hear you sayin this in my head. Loving it girl. Get it!