Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Love Affair with Sade

It takes me only a few seconds to remember when I sat by myself in the dark and had a heart wrenching cry after breaking up with my ex, while "Somebody Already Broke my Heart" crooned out of my speakers.

Later, I strolled down Brooklyn's Promenade, looked out at the beautiful Manhattan skyline, and hummed "Smooth Operator".

Not to mention I've waltzed around in my pajamas to "Hang onto Your Love".

And then she disappeared.

Now 10 years later, she's back. Sade is back. And of course her timing is impeccable. Just when I was worried that R&B music had become something to the likes of auditory porn- full of sexual innuendos and rompin shops- the "Soldier of Love" hurls a fastball, knocks me over, and drags me back to the cocoon of real R&B.

I've got a real love affair going with this lady. Probably to the extent that no one knows. When I hear her music, it's as if she notions me over, whispers "I'm still alive" in my ear, and leaves behind a scent of saxophones, strings, and jazz accompaniments for me to remember her by.

It’s like a movie. I’m living on Lovers Lane, itching for my next fix of…well…love. And here she comes to sell me a dream. “This is no ordinary love,” she says. “No ordinary love.”

I’m hooked. I wake up and realize that I’m a love junkie, and I've been strung out for awhile.

I've forgotten how old I was when I first heard her music. But I imagine my mother was listening to her when I was still in her womb, and as I grew up, I would hear her music coming out of my sister's room. And even then I knew she would have a hold on me.

I wanted to know why she was getting attention over Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, and Patti Labelle. It’s like, who could rival Whitney? So I listened to her one day. And I cried. I didn't even know why. Her words sparked something in me that I was, and still am, incapable of letting go.

The undeniable talent comes back with her new CD, "Soldier of Love". She covers the new issue of Ebony Magazine.

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