Friday, March 5, 2010

Miguel Jontel, a "sure thing"

"You could be the lover, I'll be the fighter baby,

If I'm the blunt, you could be the lighter babe, Fire it up

Writer baby, you could be the quote

If I'm the lyric baby, you could be the note. Record that"

What's that you say? I could be the quote? Deal. Is this the prerequisite for a date? Dinner or movie, perhaps? Because after listening to "Sure thing", I've realized that you might just be the man for me. You, Miguel Jontel, are a man after my own heart. And if this was speed dating, you would get points for originality, content, and smoothness.

To whoever is reading this, forgive me, but Miguel made me fall almost instanteneously in love with his flow, and I've latched on to his style. A mix of Maxwell, Tank, and a bit of Babyface, when he blows, his music is going to caress the airwaves so much that we won't be able to get enough.
Miguel Jontel has written songs for Mary J. Blige and Usher among others. As well as collaborated with Neyo. His debut album is said to drop soon, entitled "Gravity".
Listen to some of his songs: "Sure Thing", "Hero", and "Pick up the Pace".

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Anonymous said...

Girlllll I feel you there. I committed to him when I heard "All I want is you", and now I married him after hearing "Sure Thing". I fall into a trance when I hear his voice.

Sugar Baby!! I'm a mixed breed too!! Let's make some gorgeous pothounds!! lolol

Keep doing your thing and you'll keep me a single woman til you're ready to settle down with some Trinidadian Flavour!!