Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Save the Game

Save the Game! There are not enough good black sitcoms on tv anymore....let's try to keep one around. Go and post!

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Audrea said...

I'm lost. Why save this show?? It only reinforces yet another negative stereotype about African-Americans: we are successful in the fields of sports and entertainment and little else (a completely untrue and ignorant stereotype).

Why not save a show like Bernie Mac (I understand that Mr. Mac passed away, and the show is now over, unfortunately, but I say this to make a greater point); those are the shows we should be pooling our energy to bring to the air...

NOT the buffoonery and stereotypical "comedy" that is "The Game". Take "The Game" off the air immediately, PLEASE, and bring something far less stereotypical and less buffoonish to the table.

You'd think we'd have higher standards and want more for ourselves in this post-Cosby/Obama era, but, alas, people seem hellbent on preserving negative stereotypes and will even fight to keep these stereotypes on the telly.

Well I won't.