Monday, April 13, 2009

Cassie Goes Half and Half

This picture is from TMZ. I absolutely hate this hairstyle on her. I have no idea why she chose to do it. It's ridiculous. When she twittered this Saturday and showed the pics, my first thought was why? My second thought was...this has Diddy written all over it. SMH.

Cassie's a beautiful girl, but somehow this just seems like a very orchestrated, publicity stunt or peer pressure from the "bosses" to change her image. I mean, it's not like she came out with the punk rocker steez and that's her gimmick. She's a love song, Pop/R&B singer. Is she just going to switch up her whole style now? What about when she wears dresses or wants to put her hair in a ponytail? more important question is when did punk become the new hip-hop/R&B? Everyone is tryin to get on it nowadays. Shame.

These type of hairstyles are not equal opportunity. Thoughts?

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